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Summer Camps

Open Summer Camps

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Bill Collier Ice Arena

OIT Summer Camps

LEGO Explorer (Grades 1-3 in September 2022)

Experience the wonderful world of LEGO's with the WeDo 2.0 system, our students build simple to complicated structures, vehicles and machines then code them to interact with the surrounding environment. The experience is fun and exciting and they learn lifelong skills and make new friends! While building, they learn the fundamental principles of engineering, enhance personal creativity, learn to collaborate with their partner and create without fear of mistakes. Each day students build upon the skills they learned the previous day, preparing them for the next level of LEGO Robotics.

LEGO Navigator (Grades 4-6 in September 2022)

Explore renewable energy through the use of LEGO EV3 systems, students will be guided through renewable energy engineering principles and create a variety of machines to harness the world's power. Attendees will build a solar oven, and participate in an on-campus walking field trip to view Renewable Energy in action at the Oregon Tech Geo-Heat Center and on-site solar field.

Ella Redkey Pool

Preschool Lessons  |  Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills  |  Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Level 3: Stroke Development  |  Level 4: Stroke Improvement
Level 5: Stroke Refinement & Swimming and Skill Proficiency 


YMCA Summer Camps

Volleyball Camp  |  Basketball Camp  |  Soccer Camp  |  Football Camp

Klamath Outdoor School


Learn forestry and outdoor skills, enjoy trail building, campfires, night hikes, and much more!
Ages 12-17 / 4 days, 3 nights. July 18th - 21st! Register soon!


Summer camp for those that want to learn more about the skills that make backpacking one of the world’s leading outdoor activities. Ages 10-14 / 3 days, 2 nights (1 on the trail)


Come discover nature from two perspectives—that of the Artist and the Scientist. Local naturalists and artists will create a memorable experience for all participants. Ages 8-13 / 4 days, 3 nights. July 11th - 14th 2022. Register soon!


Summer camp with a focus on the natural world around us and the science that makes it happen! This is open to kids from the ages of 8-12. We have a great time at our own Sun Pass site, and have adventures throughout a 5 day period! June 20th-24th 2022! Register soon!


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