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The Needs & Benefits

Every child deserves a safe and permanent home with a “forever family”. With Klamath County being ranked as the top county in the state of Oregon for child abuse & neglect…the need is great.

Do you have time to volunteer? Are you ready to speak up for a child? Children in Klamath County are waiting now for a child advocate to ensure their right to a safe and permanent home.

The CASA volunteer plays an important role in the life of a foster child. A CASA is the voice of the child, an unbiased voice for the child’s best interests. The CASA takes the time to learn and understand what each child needs by visiting with the child at least once a month. They then make recommendations to the judge in the best interest of the child.

CASA is an Evidence- and Research-based Program. A child with a CASA spends less time in foster care, receives more appropriate services, and is more likely to have increased self-esteem and stronger academic outcomes.

CASA in Klamath County Advocates for 60% of Local Foster Youth. Our goal is to serve 100% of local foster youth by December, 2016. This means we need to greatly increase the number of CASA Volunteers within our local program.

Volunteer today and make a lifelong difference for a child.