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CASA Volunteers

What is the CASA volunteer’s role? The CASA is the voice of the child. They visit with the child and relay the child’s wishes to the judge. Additionally, CASA volunteers talk to adults in the child’s life such as birth parents, social workers, teachers, foster parents, and others so the CASA can make recommendations in the best interest of the child. CASA volunteers are only assigned to one case. They spend between 6 – 10 hours per month on a case.

What type of training and support do CASA volunteers receive? CASA volunteers complete a 30-hour training that includes information about the court and child welfare system and local speakers who talk about local issues. CASA volunteers receive ongoing training and supervision from CASA to ensure they have the support they need.

What are the benefits of becoming a CASA volunteer? There are many benefits to volunteering as a CASA. These include the opportunity to make a difference in the life and future of a child who has been a victim of abuse and/or neglect; help a child find permanency in a safe and loving home; and form friendships with people in our community who care about children.

Are there eligibility requirements? Yes. However, no special background is required to become a CASA volunteer, just a desire to be a positive caring adult for a child. CASA volunteers, age 21 or older, complete an application, interview, reference check and criminal background check prior to training. Often, CASA volunteers are the only consistent adult in a foster child’s life. CASA volunteers are responsible, trustworthy individuals who make a 2-year commitment to the program and the children they advocate for.